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Up and down the country, abortion clinics are targeted by anti-choice groups, who stand outside the entrance and intimidate and harass women. More than 100,000 women had to attend a clinic or hospital targeted by anti-choice groups in 2019. Encounters with these groups leave women feeling judged, intimidated, and distressed – and in the worst cases, too scared to get to their appointment.

Right now, the government are considering legislation that would create buffer zones around all abortion clinics in England and Wales. It would mean that activities aiming to threaten and intimidate women could not take place within 150 meters of abortion clinics.

Buffer zones are a simple, nationwide solution to ensure that all women can access care without fear of being targeted in the street.

But the government aren’t convinced yet, that’s where we come in. If all of us get in touch with our MPs, asking them to support the Buffer Zones Amendment in the House of Commons, the government will have no choice but to introduce new legislation to protect women whilst they exercise their legally protected right to reproductive choice. 

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