Tell your MP to protect vulnerable women and decriminalise abortion

Currently, any woman in Great Britain who ends a pregnancy without the approval of two doctors can face up to life imprisonment. This includes victims of domestic abuse who use abortion medication purchased online because they cannot attend a clinic.

During the current pandemic, women are able to receive abortion medication by post. For women in controlling or abusive relationships, this has enabled them to end a pregnancy safely and legally without their abuser discovering that they are pregnant.

There is a real risk that, unless abortion is decriminalised, all women will be forced to attend a clinic to receive their medication once lockdown is lifted. Consequently, vulnerable women who are unable to leave their home will be forced to continue a pregnancy against their will, or risk up to life imprisonment by using abortion medication purchased online

A coalition of charities and healthcare providers are calling on parliament to amend the Domestic Abuse Bill to decriminalise abortion and protect vulnerable women and girls. Tell your MP to back this vital amendment.