Don't let the government re-criminalise early medical abortion at home

Telemedical abortion care was introduced in April 2020. It allows women to receive abortion medication by post following a consultation with a qualified nurse or midwife.

While other healthcare services have been suspended or seen significant increases in waiting times during the pandemic, access to abortion has not only been maintained but has improved, enabling women to end pregnancies at the earliest possible gestations.

The Government is currently considering whether to revoke the service. This would force tens of thousands of women to travel to attend in-clinic appointments, waiting times for treatment would increase, and women would be forced to have abortions at later gestations. 

If the Government revoke telemedical abortion care, this will mean that early abortion at home would be a criminal offence - carrying a potential sentence of up to life imprisonment. 

We are fighting to protect this service beyond the pandemic. We need your help.

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